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I hope everyone is having a good week so far? I am sure everyone is itching for the weekend to get here so you can hop on your bike and hit the road! Well as you can see we are revamping our website so please be patient with us.

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Six years ago, we started American Bagger Magazine. At the time, we were the first and only all-Bagger magazine. At that time, I predicted that imitators would come out of the woodwork and now I think there are three pretenders to our thrown. We launched Urban Bagger magazine two years ago as the first Multicultural Bagger magazine, and we already have a copycat. Three years ago, Maverick Publishing and Paul Yaffe launched the Baddest Bagger in Sturgis. The show was an overwhelming success and it spawned the Baddest Bagger in AZ, and this September we will launch the Baddest Bagger in Las Vegas at Las Vegas BikeFest. So it is no wonder that the pretenders are once again crawling out of the woodwork and copying the hard work that Maverick and Paul have put forward. To our competitors, I will once again quote Arlen Ness, “Always innovate, never imitate!”
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