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Maverick Media, LLC. was established in 2007 in Spearfish, South Dakota. Starting out as a publishing company with two bi-weekly publications, American Bagger Magazine and Urban Bagger Magazine, Maverick Media has transformed into a full-fledged Media Company. Along with our publications, we also host 15 Baddest Bagger bike shows across the country with our partner, Paul Yaffe's Bagger Nation. Maverick Media also has a prominent position on multiple social media platforms, offers video tech installs for fans, digital issues for all publications, an online store, charity rides and events, burn out contests, and more. Maverick Media also produces the Baggers to Bobbers Buyer's Guide and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Guide annually. 

We're already entering our eighth year of publishing Urban Bagger Magazine, but it seems like we just launched it yesterday! That might be due to the overwhelming response Urban Bagger has received in the market, on the newsstands, and in print and digital subscribers. A decade ago, the industry thought an all-Bagger magazine was laughable, but Urban Bagger is now one of two national all-Bagger magazines (the other being our sister magazine, American Bagger). ​​

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